Landscaping Under Trees

Incorporating raised garden beds around the trees of your home is a great way to beautify your space while also providing some functional shaded areas. While most clients agree on adding some height and shade to their design through strategically placed trees, they often are surprised when we suggest landscaping the area just below at the base of the tree trunk. It is also s a great way to add color to your space and help keep the tree growing healthy and strong.  

When considering the best design for your tree base, here are some items to remember:

The Best Type of Trees 

The size and maturity of your tree is a key factor in choosing the right design. If your plan includes an established tree, the root structure of that current tree is essential. This will determine how to prepare your soil and which flowers should be considered. It is essential to choose a design that will prevent the bark from rooting and deter insect infestation, determined by which tree you have planted in that location.

How Best to Prepare the Space 

The first step to preparing the landscaping space is to remove the current turf that surrounds the tree. It needs to be done to ensure the tree will receive the correct amount of water and oxygen after the landscaping designs are installed. If working with a mature tree, take special care not to damage the current roots while removing the turf. 

Once you have successfully prepared the location, you can install your raised flower bed to include rock. If you are adding lights to showcase your beautiful work, this would be the time to install them.

Dealing with Large Mature Tress

For large mature trees, it is best to consult a professional. Because when adding a raised flower bed around them, you add moisture and possibility are preventing gas exchange to the trees large established roots. Which can lead to root damage and bug infections 

Don’t Forget the Mulch

Mulching is essential in any raised flower beds. It is because the soil tends to dry out when elevated. A nice layer of mulch will help the soil retain its moisture. Select mulch made of natural debris and not of dyed material is always the better choice and what we recommend to our clients.

The Perfect Plants and Flowers

For our clients here in Houston, where larger trees are valuable because of their more massive shade, we recommend the following plants: